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Teal HR — Employee Motivation Platform

  • The ultimate 7-in-1 solution with tangible ROI
  • For all companies of 50 … 10,000+ employees
  • Employee motivation and engagement platform
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of HR and C-suite leaders say their organization has achieved positive ROI from its investments in employee engagement
plus agree that their employee-success effort results in increased productivity and personnel retention
companies become more profitable with high employee engagement

Teal HR automates seven pillars of employee engagement

Peer-to-peer Recognition

Let your employees to express gratitude to colleagues, to encourage horizontal collaboration and connection
  • Your own ‘social network’ dedicated for employees to praise each other
  • Light, quick, and visually attractive user interface
  • Link each post to corporate values
  • Enrich the posts with emojis, pictures, and animations
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Promotion of Essential Behavior

Engage your personnel into important activities, to turn employees to Company agents and ambassadors
  • Create and manage activities important for the Company
  • Examples may include: speaking at a workshop; volunteering to train newcomers; liking and sharing Company’s content; participating in a charity event, and more
  • Set participation limits, timeframes, and size of awards
  • Review requests and grant awards, automatically or through manual approval process
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Virtual Coins Redeemable for Rewards

Add powerful incentive component based on gamification, to boost motivation of your employees
  • Allow your personnel to get virtual coins
  • Flexibly manage and control limits, policies, and rewards
  • Offer each employee a flexible way to choose and claim rewards
  • Examples of rewards are: gift cards; branded goodies; extra day off; personal parking spot; meeting with CEO; and many, many more
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Internal Communication

Seamlessly convey Company news and announcements , to keep your employees aware and involved
  • Publish company news and messages on Teal HR platform
  • Enhance the texts with rich formatting, full-resolution images, and links
  • Duplicate the most important announcements via email, messengers, and SMS
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Employee Surveys

Ask your employees’ opinion on virtually anything, to stay aware of what they think, like, and dislike
  • Easy yet flexible tool to create employment surveys
  • Extended set of parameters to control audience, anonymity, reminders, and more
  • The surveys are accessible directly on Teal HR portal, as well as through link
  • Results and insights are available in real time
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Assessments and 1:1 Meetings

Structure the process of staff appraisals and document results, to ensure staff development and manage risks
  • Plan and schedule annual staff assessments
  • Document and track outcomes and follow up actions
  • Allow employees to request one-on-one meetings with their managers
  • Access to all data is strictly controlled, to ensure confidentiality
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Discover hidden motivation of your personnel, their level of stress and aptitude
  • Proprietary methodology similar to Gallup Q12® Meta-Analysis
  • Comprehensive questionnaire reinforced with real-time behavioral analysis
  • Employees' results delivered to managers instantly, along with confidence factor
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Analytics and Reporting

Immediately view and export insightful reports for yourself, top leaders, and peer managers
  • Staff demographics, inflow, and attrition
  • Teal HR platform adoption and usage by the employees
  • Ratings and leaderboards
  • Emission, circulation, and utilization of internal coins
  • Financial reports
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Users love Teal HR :
70-80% of employees use it on a regular basis

more sales bookings
greater customer loyalty
more net profits
better staff productivity

Example business case

A medium-sized industrial company of 200 employees

annual attrition
Staff retention increase, per year
Staff performance increase, per year
Allocated employee reward budget, employee/ month
Annual ROI bottom line:
Cost of program (Teal HR subscription and employee rewards)
Gains (reduced recruitment cost, plus increased staff performance)
Average annual net profit

We support you
at all steps of your journey

We appreciate your business, and we know that your time is valuable. This is our commitment to help you roll out Teal HR:
  • Prepare the compelling proposal to convince your CEO, CFO, HR, and other important stakeholders
  • Address all concerns and questions they (and you) may have
  • Complete customization, technical setup, integration, and import of data (usually takes one day or less)
  • Develop the communication plan to inform your employees of Teal HR deployment, and design information materials as needed*
  • Provide technical and methodological support*
  • Share quarterly reports with key metrics, ‘plain text’ takeaways, and suggestions
  • Develop custom features to best suit your company’s specifics*
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* Depending on scope of work and required SLA, additional charges may apply

Some real feedback from our customers:

"We aimed to increase personnel involvement, improve activeness and creativeness at workplaces. Teal HR helped us to reach these goals, the personnel now trusts us more than ever."
A transportation company
700,000 employees
"We needed to streamline financial forecasting and accounting of perks. Teal HR experts developed the financial model that allows us to easy calculate "what" and "how much" employees need to do to get rewarded"
A mining company
35,000 employees
"At COVID times, we suffered from complicated communication and increased attrition. Teal HR allowed us to unite employees and to create new horizontal connections. In less than a year, we greatly improved retention and internal climate."
An IT development company
1,000 employees
"Together with Teal HR, we launched a program to motivate our doctors and other medical staff, to keep them happy at work. Our efforts and investments fully paid off: loyalty increased 24% within 6 months."
A healthcare company
200 employees

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